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The heart of everything we do


Values and standards are important when dealing with colleagues, clients and business partners.


petracell cosmetics with its head office in the spa town Bad Tölz is directed by its CEOs Yvonne Burkhart & Klaus Dieter Burkhart.


Out of the fresh cell research tradition our philosophy of connecting fresh cells with cosmetics was born. Values and standards are important when dealing with colleagues, clients and business partners. We recognise our economically and socially responsibility and worked out guidelines which form the basics for our common action.


We know our strength and concentrate on them: Cosmetic products with fresh cells. Through continuous research and development in our in-house GMP lab our products are manufactured on highest quality and purity level. „ Made in Germany ” means not only a geographical designation but a demand for quality in each process.


A lot of things change but the essence remains the same. The breakthrough findings of Dr. Paul Niehans are the fundamental principles of fresh cell therapy and provide the basics for our company's success. This obliges us to excellent quality, continual development, intensive research and makes our work better each time.


A careful use of natural resources and thinking and acting economically is considered as our task. We create the condition for this by cost awareness and transparency at all levels. We focus on medium and long term strategies. This is how we stay flexible and ensure long term high quality supply which is the essence of our reputation.


A good working atmosphere, which is influenced by mutual appreciation, honesty and fairness is very important. Each individual contributes his/her strengths for the benefit of the whole. New team members are warmly welcome. We support their training and accompany them competently and share our experience with them. We attach great importance to longterm personnel development.


We assume responsibility. Thus, sustainability is the main focus of our philosophy.  We ensure that our sheep herd is kept appropriate to the species in a regional natural reserve. Through regular veterinary controls and examinations of our flock we guarantee contant and assured quality.

Corporate Identity

Our behaviour and our visual appearance influences the reputation of our company. Every individual staff member is responsible. Through architecture and interior design we create a welcoming and healthy atmosphere: a open house. Everyone who wants to know more about us is very welcome.


We know that each change gives the opportunity to make a progress. Therefore, we keep an open mindset and try new as well as unconventional things. Every employee supports this dynamic process with ideas, suggestions, proposals and recommendations. This is how we are prepared for the future.

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