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Gelée Royale


Combination of high-quality natural ingredients that in a natural way supply body cells with a wide range of vital substances, such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Through natural ingredients - royal jelly, propolis, flower pollen, elderberries and wheat germ, the valuable cell energy is replenished and preserved.

Gelée Royale Vials

Drinkable health and beauty care. Daily nutritional supplement for skin, hair and nails. Contains royal jelly, propolis, wheat germ, elderberries, flower pollen. Ready-to-drink dissolved in 17.5 volume per cent mead.

Suggested Intake: 

One vial daily before breakfast. It is recommended to drink the vial content in small portions and retain each portion in your mouth for about ten seconds before swalloging it. In case of higher demand, for example in stress situations or extraordinary physical exertion it is possible to take up to three vials a day. Do not store above 20°C.


1 Vial (10 ml) contains:

Royal jelly 350mg, Propolis extract 50mg, Wheat germ extract 250mg, Elderberry concentrate 50mg, Flower pollen extract 1.000mg

Contains alcohol.

1 vial contains the equivalent of 0,12 carbonhydrate exchange units.

One month supply includes: 30 Vials á 10ml / 0.34 fl.oz

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