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The origin

of our cosmetics

Use ancient knowledge for true beauty.

Behind the name petracell® is 50 years of experience and intensive research of fresh cell application by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Niehans.

Maintaining your beauty and youthful appearance is of utmost importance to us.

Using the knowledge of Fresh Cell Therapy, petracell Cosmetic Fresh Cell Research Laboratory introdued the new revolutionary skincare in the 70s. Based on research results of anti-aging experts such as Professor Paul Niehans and other fresh cell therapy doctors, petracell Cosmetics released the prestigious Bio-Active-Skin Cremé with a high concentration of active ingredients.


The in quality and composition incomparavle products of the Classic Line and outstanding body and hair care products based on fresh cells quickly followed. For radiant beauty and health, the product range was extended with food supplements based on royal jelly and bee pollen.


The Premium Line with its uniqe high proportion of fresh cells combines new scientific knowledge and many years of experience in luxurious skincare formulas.


Real beauty comes from the inside! This is precisely the reason why our experts developed the unique CELLFIT nutritional supplements in our fresh cell research laboratory. The CELLFIT nutritional supplements with different combinations of valuable peptides and various vitamin & mineral complexes are available in diverse CELLFIT varieties. The peptides contained in the vials are obtained in a complex production process from donor animals of the company-owned sheep herd, under regulary veterinary supervision.

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