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Wissenschaftler mit Mikroskop

Years of

experience & expertise


Many years of experience, based on wide-ranging expertise is complemented by cooperation with physicians and biologists and enables us to inspire with new and innovative products.

The composition of the cell suspension and peptides

has been developed individually

for each of our products.


The cell extracts are coming from the mountain and Jura sheep based in a nature reserve in Bavaria. From the beginning, the complete control of the sheep is guaranteed by veterinarians, as well as the quality of the fresh cells by a laboratory. Our cosmetics are manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards. 

petracell® cosmetic | Produced with Freshcells

The petracell® cosmetic cell extract contains fresh cells as well as a variety of peptides, cytokines and growth factors. In addition to fresh cells, peptides are particularly effective due to their ability to be quickly absorbed by the outer skin layers. During the production process, chemicals and solvents are largely avoided. The pure cell extract is noticeable in its natural composition.


CELLFIT nutritional supplements round off the treatment with petracell® cosmetics by internal application. Just like the cosmetics, the drinking ampoules contain a variety of peptides, cytokines and growth factors in addition to highly pure ultrafiltrate of specially formulated cell suspensions. For the daily vitamin and mineral supply, all CELLFIT products are supplemented by capsules in addition to drinking ampoules. The products CELLFIT Detox and CELLFIT Boost are excluded from this.

CELLFIT Boost contains pure freeze-dried cells, while CELLFIT Detox contains a month‘s supply of drinking ampoules with ultrafiltrate, these have been supplemented to better absorb the dissolved vitamins and minerals.

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